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Welcome to Citrus Media Pte Ltd, Singapore’s most vibrant and multi-faceted platform business! With a diverse portfolio consisting of Clubpets and Blissful Brides, we have established ourselves as leaders in the pet media and wedding industries.

Over the years, we have evolved from a publications company to a dynamic events and tech-based enterprise. Embracing innovation, we have honed our expertise in fostering strong client and consumer engagement, ensuring we remain at the forefront of our industries.

Clubpets stands as Singapore’s longest-running and only pet-dedicated media company. For over two decades, we have been curating comprehensive pet-related content through digital articles and engaging our audience on various social media platforms. Our successful pet events, both physical and online, have further strengthened the bond with our followers and vendors.

From organizing events like the Blissful One-Stop Wedding Show (BOWS) to smaller-scale events like The Star Vista Pet Event, we continuously strive to create memorable experiences. Additionally, we support our clients by offering social media marketing packages to boost their brand awareness while aligning with their vision.

At Citrus Media, we also act as the bridge between our clients and consumers, fostering awareness about our clients’ brands while helping consumers find products and services that suit their needs perfectly. We are passionate about enriching lives, celebrating milestones and making a positive impact on both the pet and wedding communities.


we genuinely want to thank Clubpets for their awesome and professional digital marketing service. The bundle of digital advertisements has brought us numerous benefits such as a higher traffic volume and more sales and conversion. We definitely recommend their service to any small medium enterprise owners. If you do not have a 100-1000 person team to do your digital marketing outreach, they are your best choice. By engaging them, you in turn save a huge amount of money by outsourcing this important yet often subtle and underlooked part of your outreach.

Dr. Gabriel Chua Yu Han

Ah Chye Pet Treats
The content created by the CM team meets our needs very well. The team is also very amenable to suggestions, feedback and amendments required for the draft content created. They would also provide us advice on how to increase our reach and engagement for our posts. We have been with them since April 2020. Kudos to Angie and team!

Yoke Hwa
Antinol Rapid

Thank you Clubpets, amazing team and amazing work! Thanks for making the event such a success~ Amazing logistics planning, amazing communications. Simply amazing~ Cannot wait for your next event, thank you again and see you guys soon!

Founder of I.N.U Boutique

Thank u Clubpets for the wonderful event and assisting as much during the fair. Happy customer = Happy vendor and last but not least = Happy Organisers

Founder of Furby Aefair

Ours Mission

– Our mission is to touch hearts, inspire minds and invigorate people's lives. We aim to act as a bridge to love, connecting hearts and fulfilling dreams while simultaneously fostering personal growth in a supportive learning environment for ourselves and others.

Ours Vision

– To empower people to create love relationships that matter

Ours Values

– At Citrus Media, our unwavering commitment to excellence is epitomized by PRIDE – an embodiment of our core values: Professionalism, Resilience, Integrity, Diligence and Entrepreneurship
Through Clubpets and Blissful Brides, we hope to:

Promote pet responsibility and feature digital articles that can provide solutions for our readers.


Promote strong and lasting relationships through our Blissful Brides E-Magazine and digital articles. We strive to provide ideas and concepts for couple that are planning their wedding as well as solutions to their wedding needs.



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